Best care award

The program establishes an annual award for municipalities that obtain the best results in effort indicators and health teams with the most innovative practices in providing better care to the population. The award indicators, defined based on the priorities of the Cuidar Melhor program, are agreed annually between the State, municipalities and society.

In 2021, the following indicators will be considered:

(a) Proportion of Admissions for APS Sensitive Conditions
(b) Proportion of Registered and Linked Pregnant Women up to the 3rd month of pregnancy
(c) Proportion of live births to mothers aged between 10 and 19 years old
(d) Vaccine Coverage Rate for children under 1 year old
(e) Proportion of Registered Hypertensive Patients
(f) Proportion of Registered Diabetic Patients
(g) Hospitalization Rate for Diabetes and Hypertension in the population aged 20 and over
(h) Existence of a transit agency or department See Simplified Technical Data Sheet

See an overview of indicators by municipality

In this sense, the Planning Institute of CearĂ¡ (Ipece) developed a calculation methodology for the award, where all indicators will be transformed to a scale that varies between 0 (zero) and 1 (one), generating a single synthetic indicator which will order the 184 municipalities, allowing the application of criteria in the distribution of the award value.

The indicators are monitored throughout 2021 and published every four months on Sesa’s IntegraSUS page. During the first quarter of 2022, the results will be evaluated by an evaluation panel and, subsequently, the awarding of municipalities and health teams.

In the first edition of the award, R$ 12 million were made available to be distributed according to the criteria detailed in a specific ordinance, which will be published by Sesa in the first half of 2021.

All municipalities in CearĂ¡ will be able to compete for the award (Edition 2021). However, to receive the financial resources of the award (Edition 2021) in the first half of 2022, the winning municipalities must meet the following conditions:

Submit a work plan for the application of resources, pursuant to Complementary Law 141/2012. The work plan will be monitored and audited by Sesa;(2) Sign a commitment to technical cooperation with another municipality, which is classified in the range of lowest indexes in the quality indicators.

In addition, Sesa should support the implementation of projects aimed at improving the quality of health services in municipalities that reach the lowest indexes in the program’s indicators, involving permanent and professional education for civil servants, in addition to supporting infrastructure improvements.Tutorial for Access to the Indicators of the Care Better Award


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