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Best care awardIn addition to the ICMS Quota Part financial incentives, the Program establishes an annual award for municipalities that obtain the best results in effort indicators and that carry out the most innovative practices in health.

The award indicators, associated with the priorities of the Better Care program, are agreed annually between the State, municipalities and society.The indicators are monitored throughout 2021 and, during the first quarter of 2022, there will be awards to municipalities and health teams.Strategic Mobilization Agenda


• Federal Constitution of 1988. Article 158. Title VI. Taxation and Budget. Chapter I. The National Tax System. Section VI. On the Division of Tax Revenues Text in full.

• Law No. 12,612, of August 7, 1996. Defines, pursuant to Article 158, Sole Paragraph, II, of the Federal Constitution, criteria for distributing the ICMS tax revenue portion belonging to the municipalities Text in full.

• Law No. 17,006, September 30, 2019. Provides for the integration, within the scope of the Unified Health System – SUS, of Health Actions and Services in Health Regions in the State of Ceará. Full text.

• Decree No. 33320, of October 24, 2019. Establishes procedures for forwarding projects to the Executive Management of FECOP – GEF, and institutes criteria for analyzing and evaluating projects for the purposes of releasing the Consultative Council on Social Inclusion Policies – CCPIS, and makes other arrangements. Full text

• Decree No. 33,424, of January 7, 2020. Amends Decree No. 29.306, of June 5, 2008, and other measures. “Considering the need to improve and adapt the methodology for calculating the ‘Municipal Health Quality Index, IQS, to the health policy defined by the Health Department of the State of Ceará – SESA'”. Full text.

• Constitutional Amendment No. 108, of August 26, 2020. Amends the Federal Constitution to establish criteria for the distribution of the municipal share of the Tax on Operations Related to the Circulation of Goods and on Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services (ICMS) , to regulate the availability of accounting data by federal entities, to deal with planning in the social order and to provide for the Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and the Valorization of Education Professionals (Fundeb); amends the Transitory Constitutional Provisions Act; and makes other arrangements. Full text.

• Ordinance No. 19 of October 2, 2020. Republishes the Municipal Health Quality Index, its respective participation and the apportionment coefficient in 2020. Full text.

• Law No. 17,320, of October 22, 2020. Amends Law No. 12,612, of August 7, 1996. It increases from 5% to 15% ICMS resources allocated to municipalities based on health quality indicators. Full text.

• Ordinance – No. 152/2021. Establishes the Conductor Group to implement the Better Care Program in the State of Ceará. Full text.

• Resolution No. 17/2021 – Cesau of July 16, 2021. Approves the Cuidar Melhor Ceará Program of the Executive Secretariat for Health Policies (Sepos) and the Coordination of Intersectoral Policies (Copis). Full text

• Ordinance No. 25 of August 20, 2021. Publishes the Municipal Health Quality Index, the Municipal Environmental Quality Index, their respective shares and the apportionment coefficients in 2021. Full text.


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