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Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics is a top quartile journal for:  Health informatics; Leadership and Management; and Medicine (Miscellaneous)  – according to SCHimago –

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Informatics in Primary Care is a house Journal of the British Computer Society Health The journal is fully supported by BCS Health

Simon de Lusignan

Bsc MBBS MSc MD(Res) FHEA FBCS CITP FRCGP Editor in Chief Informatics in Primary Care Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics – University of Surrey This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Aims and scope

Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics aims to provide information, help and guidance to all those concerned with information technology and information management in health care, both nationally and newsletter internationally.  Informatics is a new and exciting discipline, cutting across medicine, nursing, computing, technology, communications, education, statistics, psychology and sociology, but its primary purpose is the application of information and communications technology to support health care.

The core issues for the journal are: 

o    How to make the patient (and where appropriate their carer) an effective participant in their own care

o    Using technology at the point of care

o    Community based interventions including e-Health, telemedicine and social care informatics

o    Improving the quality and use of routinely collected data for quality improvement and research

o    Data visualisation and analytics

o    Utilising linked, large, and big data from health and the wider community to promote health, predict and model disease

o    Information governance, privacy and confidentiality

Contemporary issues for the journal are:

o    Understanding why people seek health care and equity in service provision

o    Methods and studies of making better use of longitudinal health data

o    Implementing of systems across localities health systems

o    Auditing the effectiveness of locality care

o    Interoperable information systems that support integrated care

o    Information systems that can demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of services

o    Integrating decision and knowledge support systems into clinical workflow

The journal seeks high-quality research papers, literature reviews and services levitra non generic canada letters from both researchers and practitioners in the fields of health and clinical informatics.   We take a broad view of the front-lines of health and clinical informatics and see this including the impact of public health, e-Health, technology based community and social care informatics initiatives that aim to improve health and wellbeing,  The breadth of our discipline is that defined in an informatics benchmarking statement (Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(4):394-8. )

Top priority is scientific research papers, systematic literature reviews, realist reviews and other forms of evidence synthesis and, research protocols for randomized trials in informatics.  However, we also publish other literature reviews, technology reports, editorials (commissioned) and case studies, website information, useful tools, reviews and conference papers.

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Journal instructions to contributors ( (click here  to access the PDF version)