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How to take care of our mental health in 2021? The first lesson that 2020 has given us is that we have to face reality and that it may still take a long time before we can say “whew, we’re out of this”.Sign up to receive our newsletterBy providing your e-mail, you agree with the Forbes Brazil Privacy Policy.

There is a phrase that goes something like this: “expectation is the mother of headaches”. As we rely on forecasts and create expectations that we will soon be with friends at a party, traveling, celebrating birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, we will progressively see our well-being undermined, which will make us more vulnerable to anxiety disorders or even to depression.

The tip is that we keep our feet on the ground, that the fog can still surround us for a long time and that, given this, we have to look for ways to take care of ourselves as best we can. The use of masks, washing hands, using alcohol gel and maintaining social distance are still valid.

But it’s also worth pursuing physical activity, if you haven’t done it yet, or returning to exercise, if you’ve already done it. As a doctor, I can say that physical activity is as much a part of mental health as a possible remedy. But, better, because it brings so many other health benefits. Move yourself. This should be your mantra this year. A happy 2021 to you.

Dr. Arthur Guerra is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at USP, at the ABC Faculty of Medicine and co-founder of Caliandra Saúde Mental.

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The month of November is dedicated to the November Blue campaign, which aims to make men aware of the importance of taking care of their health. During this period, the Department of Health (Sesa) promotes awareness of the importance of self-care behavior with the health of the body and mind.

According to the physician and Undersecretary of State for Planning and Health Transparency, Tadeu Marino, during this month, Sesa does not focus only on the prevention of prostate cancer, but in general on Primary Health Care.

“In Brazil, it is observed that men are not frequent in health units, because of a cultural issue. They are more resistant to going to the doctor. If you ask, regardless of educational background and other social characteristics, self-care is something that men have less practice than women,” he said.

According to the National Policy for Men’s Health Care (PNAISH) established by the Ministry of Health, men’s care must be treated in an integral way. Throughout the year, Sesa promotes actions for disease prevention and awareness of the male population.

Some examples are the implementation of prenatal care by the partner, who receives an appointment with a request for tests and future referrals when accompanying the pregnant woman; the conversation circle in Basic Health Units for professionals in Primary Care and with the population deprived of liberty on the prevention of diseases, including Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs);

actions at the Guard Posts with the Federal Highway Police-SESI-SENAT to deliver the truck driver’s health cards, as well as checking blood pressure, testing blood glucose, HIV and hepatitis; lectures for the male population of private companies in Greater Vitória during the November Azul campaign.

“In addition to having the organization of the Men’s Health Program, there is a whole programming and structuring of programs in the municipalities. The unit is the integral vision of health, she must be a sentinel, talk to the men, bring the exam and not miss the opportunity when she appears at the health service, whether when taking the child to be vaccinated or accompanying her partner. It is necessary to fight the cultural issue, through education, to make men have more self-esteem and take care of their health”, emphasized Tadeu Marino.


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