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connect with good peopleEverything we see, hear and feel builds our perception of the world. The strategy here is to think about how you would like to see your life and start connecting more and more with people who are related to the lifestyle you want to build. Also take into account the character of these people.

Invest in self-knowledgeTake courses related to your emotional development, read good books, take time to think about what you want. Invest in you! What about:Define one to three mentors for your life and consume content from these people.Do therapy not only to treat disorders, but also to take care of yourself as a person.Develop your mental health, as well as physical health, to be the best you can be.

The confinement during the pandemic messed with the minds of many people. Home office and hybrid work also helped to increase anxiety and stress. And it’s very difficult to escape this reality.

But now even the companies themselves are moving to take care of employees’ heads without leaving the home office. And that’s where the Cingulo comes in.
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It is a guided therapy app that works on people’s emotional self-care. The startup provides a self-assessment for its users and with the main characteristics of behavior identified, it sets up a program with sessions that help to overcome the most varied emotional conditions, such as anxiety and depression, through several guided practices.In addition, it provides the SOS mode in order to help acute emotional crises. There’s even a kind of diary in the app, where you record your emotions and treatment progress.

Imagine that you went on a car trip and got into a heavy fog ahead. Having heavy fog on the road is something that makes anyone tense, worried, and somewhat anxious for the sun to reappear soon.

You turn on the radio or go to your cell phone to listen to the weather report and hear that the fog will soon dissipate. Only, on your trip, you realize that the forecast of the meteorologists did not come true. You slow down in fear of having an accident and so walk, miles and miles. After traveling many kilometers, he realizes that what was supposed to be a fog on just one stretch of the road is actually something that will probably last the entire trip or last for days.

The year 2020 was more or less like this. A fog called coronavirus arrived by surprise when we were on the road. There were many weather predictions: that it would soon pass, that Covid might not kill as much, among many of them. None of them materialized.

And we spent the year following through the fog, not really knowing when we would get out and get out of this one. It is not by chance that the impact of the pandemic on everyone’s mental health was immense. Depression, anxiety, sleep problems, heavy drinking were just a few of the problems that jumped in this year in terms of the number affected.


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