Quality Improvement in Chronic Kidney Disease – Confidence and Knowledge Questionnaire

Questionnaire: How confident are General Practitioners & the Primary care team in managing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

This questionnaire is part of a multi-centre study that aims to test the effects of good choice two quality improvement interventions against usual practice on the quality of management of CKD.  The primary outcome measure of this study is the http://veiligheidshuisregioalkmaar.nl/free-sample-levitra control of systolic blood pressure among patients with CKD.

Questionnaire development lead:

Dr Aumran Tahir, Research Fellow, Department of Health Care Management and Policy, University of Surrey – www.clininf.eu and GP AT Medics, London – www.atmedics.org.uk

This questionnaire is available for non-commercial research provided its origin and reference are included in any publication.

The original questionnaire was developed as part of the QICKD trial

de Lusignan S, Gallagher H, Chan T, Thomas N, van Vlymen J, Nation M, Jain N, Tahir A, du Bois E, Crinson I, Hague N, Reid F, Harris K. The QICKD study protocol: a cluster randomised trial to compare quality improvement interventions to lower systolic BP in chronic kidney disease (CKD) in primary care. Implement Sci. 2009 Jul 14;4:39. http://www.implementationscience.com/content/4/1/39

Report on confidence and knowledge in managing CKD:

Tahir MA, Dmitrieva O, de Lusignan S, van Vlymen J, Chan T, Golmohamad R, Harris K, Tomson C, Thomas N, Gallagher H. Confidence and quality in managing CKD compared with other cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus: a linked study of questionnaire and routine primary care data. BMC Fam Pract. 2011 Aug 5;12:83. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2296/12/83

The questionnaire can be downloaded from the following link: