TRANSFoRm Project



The TRANSFoRm (Translational Research and Patients safety In Europe) project (official project website here: is a Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) with the underlying objective of creating a ‘rapid learning healthcare system’ driven by advanced computational infrastructure that can improve both patient safety and the conduct and volume of clinical research in Europe (Figure 1).   The scientific aims of this project are to radically advance our understanding of healthcare IT systems and to develop an EU-wide system capable of integrating primary care electronic health record systems and research systems including genomic data, clinical trial databases and knowledge arising from research.


Figure 1: TRANSFoRm (Translational Research and Patients safety In Europe) overview

The European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) Primary Care Informatics Working Groups (PCI-WG) is a participant, through its chair (Simon de Lusignan) and with the support of Council, in this programme.  The PCI-WG will be focussing on identifying areas where it would be feasible to conduct cross-border quality improvement and research.