Taking care of mental health, as well as the health of the body, is something that we should all value daily. Taking therapy and developing self-knowledge, whether through courses, practice of transformational hypnosis, reading or other techniques, is something that brings benefits to well-being.

Have you ever tried to sleep, but spent hours awake not knowing what to do to fall asleep? Have you ever felt sadness that seems to have come from nowhere? Many of us have been through these situations and it is important to remember that talking about mental health is not only about illnesses or disorders, but also about quality of life and health.4 Benefits of Mindful Eating on Mental Health During the Pandemic

In the last three years, the number of SUS visits to young people with depression grew by 115%. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazil has the largest number of anxious people in the world: Six million Brazilians living with the disorder.
Prevention is essential for taking care of mental health

As important as carrying out the treatment after the challenge appears, it is also important to take care of it before it happens. Just as physical activity, eating well and drinking water protect physical health, there are good practices for taking care of mental and mental health.How to take care of emotional health in times of crisis?By Vitor Esprega

Today, depression and mental disorders already lead the ranking of work incapacity globally. And to deal with issues like these, it is important to understand that depressive and anxiety disorders do not incapacitate someone because of “laziness” as seen by common sense, but because they generate hormonal and chemical changes that need to be taken seriously.

How to take care of mental health on a daily basisTo help maintain your mental health, I share three simple and practical tips, based on my experience in Transformational Hypnosis and Neurotransformation training that I teach in different cities across Brazil.Get into the habit of thanking and reframe challenges as opportunitiesWe all go through difficult and good times in life. Imagine that a person’s car tire is flat.

She may be annoyed by this or see reasons to be grateful: having another tire to change, having a car, being healthy and even understanding that changing the car’s tire at that moment may have protected her life from a possible accident that didn’t happen , just for changing the tire.

The key here is to focus and give thanks for what you have, rather than complaining about what you lack. Want to notice a miracle? If you see and are reading this text, you already have reason to be thankful.


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