WISQ – Workforce Strategies To Deliver: Integration, Skill-mix, and Quality of care In Europe

July 2011: WISQ – Workforce planning to deliver Integration, Skill mix &Quality of Care [Presentation PDF – 15 July 2011]
August 2011: WISQ – Photo and fill viagra perscription presentation from second consortium (Oslo) [Article and Downloads – 28 August 2011]

The aim of statistics overnight canadian viagra WISQ:

To develop a new patient centred workforce planning methodology by understanding the interrelationship between quality of care, skill-mix, teamwork, and cost-effectiveness from case studies of current clinical practice in Europe. 

We plan to modulate the how does viagra work supply based workforce planning that is commonly used across Europe in order to develop a more patient-sensitive model.  The WISQ approach will provide a more balanced approach to workforce planning and help address some of the current challenges faced across the EU:

  • Its ageing population with increased prevalence of chronic diseases and complex comorbidity
  • The ageing and largely part time health care workforce,
  • Reliance of migrant workers to fill gaps or to provide a proportion  of the workforce in some countries; while those that are losing their health care workforce are often having to make unsatisfactory substitutions to fill the vacancies left by their émigrés. 

The objective of WISQ is to capture, model and evaluate the effects of integration of organisations, skill-mix, effective team working, and innovation on quality of care.

Aim is to produce models – based on variation in existing service delivery, that meet the current and future challenges of the European workforce.  We will learn from the variation in clinical teams caring for three different marker conditions in six European countries, which provide care with differing levels of team work and viagra from mexico integration.  Our three marker conditions have been specifically chosen because there are different groups of professionals involved in their care; they are high impact conditions; and clinical management can affect outcome.  The three conditions selected are:

  • Type 2 Diabetes;
  • Falls, fractures and osteoporosis; and
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

The target group for the cialis suppliers in uk outputs from WISQ are health service planners, managers and clinical leaders with decision making powers about workforce integration and skill mix at a local and national level.  The outputs will include:

  • Open  source modelling tools that can be customised for use at the health service level to identify how skill mix and integration might improve health service efficiency and sustainability
  • On-line tools that might be used to benchmark skill mix and integration at the locality level
  • Check lists to enable clinical leaders and www.3dinspection.com team mangers to critically appraise their ways of working.