The group has been working with MIQUEST (Morbidity Information and Export Syntax – data extraction software) for four years. Initially this was research based work under the name of the STMP funded by South Thames IM+T. In the last two years the team have developed a more practical application of technology – the PCDQ project.


PCDQ facilitates Primary Care Groups meeting CHD NSF (Coronary Heart Disease National Service Framework) targets. It is an educational intervention, using the feedback of practice level data to stimulate both improvements in data quality and in the treatment of patients.

Following a successful pilot in three PCOs (Primary Care Organisations) it is being rolled out to PCOs all over the country. PCDQ is now moving into new disease areas, such as osteoporosis and diabetes (dowload presentation).

Funding: MSD Core team funding. Individual PCOs contribute the marginal costs.