Patient Access – Timelines & Phases of programme

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Patient access to Online Records and Services – Evidence and Evaluation

Timelines & Phases of programme (back to index)

Phase 1:                   September 2012

Systematic review phase 1:

  • Develop an initial protocol for the systematic review
    • Working title: The impact of patient access to online records and services on the quality of health and care: systematic review protocol
  • Set up a working group website
  • Recruit members to the working group
  • Finalise protocol for the systematic review
  • Conduct initial literature searches and develop its methodology for including and reporting studies
  • Call for and click now create an online repository of available evidence – providing links to the other working groups to relevant data

Phase 2:                   October to March 2013

Systematic review phase 2:

  • Analysis and rating of the papers
  • Populate the online repository with articles identified (subject to copyright)
  • Complete a meta-analysis if sufficient quantitative data are available
  • Conduct a narrative analysis of descriptive studies
  • Synthesise the available evidence into a systematic review
  • Draft review completed by 31st December 2012
  • Final review submitted for publication by end March 2013

Phase 3:                   January 2013 to June 2015

Contents to be confirmed

  • Finalise publication of systematic review
  • Develop and validate a survey tool
  • Run sequential annual surveys
  • Consider primary evaluative research

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