Patient Access – Summary

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Patient access to Online Records and Services – Evidence and Evaluation

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This project is led by RCGP and aims to explore how patient access to online records and transactional services are to become an integral part of united healthcare viagra cures primary care.

It is part of a Department of Health (DH) initiative to promote patient access to records by 2015 as stated in the recent DH Information Strategy paper (

This follows the DH endorsement of the find cialis online NHS Future Forum report on Information.  (

Working Group 7 – Evidence and Evaluation plans to:

Undertake a review of the current evidence about patient access to online records and transactional services patients may find of benefit (e.g. on-line booking of appointments, secure communication , ordering prescriptions).

The core tasks of the group are:

  1. Conduct a systematic review of the evidence (click to view Systematic Review page)
  2. In future phases of visit web site viagra without prescription canada the project:
    1. Develop and validate a survey tool to monitor year-on-year progress
    2. Consider primary research into aspects of record use
  3. Signpost relevant enquiries to other working groups led by the RCGP

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