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Patient access to Online Records and Services – Evidence and Evaluation

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The following key documents have been identified:

Context rationale for the review:

RCGP Position paper:

Morris L, Milne B.  Enabling Patients to Access Electronic Health Records Guidance for Health Professionals. London; Royal College of General Practitioners, Record Access Collaborative. Version 1.0,
September 2010. URL:

Haslam D, Taylor J. Information. London, NHS Futures Forum.  2012.  URL:

NHS information strategy:

Department of Health The Power of Information: putting us all in control of follow link online pharmacy propecia renova the health and care information we need. London, DH, 2012. URL: 

Defining quality:

US Department of Health and Human Sciences.   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Definition of Quality: Archive.  URL: