Patient Access – Submission of case studies and documents

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Patient access to Online Records and Services – Evidence and Evaluation

Submission form – Case studies and documents about online access (back to index)

This RCGP Patient Online Access (POA) WG7 repository is an online store of evidence to support Systematic Review and Working Group. It is being developed to hold information about case studies.

We are particularly keen to hear about provision of online services as these may be the levitra dosage recommended usefull link most difficult to find using literature searches and it is possible they may just be described within a specific disease area or aspect of practice management.  It is also possible that some services are simply being provided by vendors and viagra sales uk are not written-up/described in the literature.

This form should only be used for submission of case studies and other relevant reports. Please complete a separate form for each type of evidence.

It is highly recommended that you use a recent version of where to purchase cialis Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9+ to access the form.

Please click here to access the “Case studies and documents about online access” form.

If you would like to submit information about abstracts and bibliographic records of selected research papers instead, you should use a different form.

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