MDT-FIT IT system



Team assessment on-line

Cancer management and treatments is increasingly complex, cancer care is delivered in specialist multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs), which typically consist of surgeons, physicians, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) and MDT co-ordinators (team administrators). A key function of MDTs is the formal regular MDT meetings, the purpose of which is to discuss the diagnostic and treatment options for individual patients. 

In 2010 the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) published ‘The Characteristics of an Effective MDT’.  This was based upon consensus from over 2000 MDT members and comprises recommendations for MDT working that are organised under five domains (17 sub-domains) of teamworking, including leadership, clinical decision-making, patient-centredness, physical environment of the meeting venue and technology and equipment

The resultant toolkit, MDT-FIT, is destined for national roll-out in spring 2013. A key focus for the next few months is to develop the IT system to support participation in MDT-FIT. 

This is the IT pilot site for MDT-FIT:

MDT-FIT is a tool based on Green Cross Medical Ltd specification.
The online tool development was commissioned to the Clinical Informatics Research Group.

design_thoughtified-9557813 The system was developed in collaboration with Thoughtified Ltd.


Image 1: Radar chart showing team member and observer ratings.


Image 2: Dynamic view of responses for current MDT-FIT. The team is in assessment mode, and the team facilitator can generate a PDF report for distribution.