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This course is for researchers, clinicians and health services analysts that want an intensive introduction to medical statistics and learn how to use R. R is a very powerful free statistical package you can continue to use after attending this course.

The topics covered using R will include:

  • Understanding how R works (its syntax)
  • Input of data sets
  • Descriptive statistics and visualising data
  • Statistical tests (parametric and non-parametric)
  • Correlation and linear regression
  • Poisson and logistic Regression
  • Multilevel models
  • R as a Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • High performance Computing in R
  • Study design
  • Principles of sample size calculation
  • Building Web applications in R using Shiny

Learning objectives: Through attendance at the course you will:

  • Access and download recommended versions of R and other add-on programs you can continue to use after the course without licence fees
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of some of the more common statistical methods involved in the analysis and click now interpretation of health data for research, more effective audit and analysis to support health service management
  • Gain expertise in the use of R statistical package analyse and present study data

The course is hosted by the Clinical Informatics and Health Outcomes Research group:Taught by leading informatics academics and practitioners with International reputations including: 

Prof Simon Jones (Course director)
Simon holds the Chair in Health Care Management and Policy within the Department of Health Care and Policy. Prior to this he has held a number of senior posts in health care including Chief Statistician at Dr Foster Intelligence and buy professional levitra without prescription a secondment as Head of Analytics for the Centre for Workforce Intelligence for Health and Social Care.

Prof Graham Cookson
Graham is Professor of Economic and Public Policy in the Department of Health Care Management and Policy. Prior to joining Surrey, he spent seven years in the Department of Management at King’s College London.

He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Somerville College, Oxford and has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Econometrics from Imperial College London, and a Pg.CAP from King’s College London

Dr Tom ChanPrior to joining the University, Tom worked in mental health services in the NHS as a practitioner and manager both in the hospital and the community, managing clinical services as well as research and wow it’s great development activities within the NHS environment.  During the last 5 years of his NHS career, Tom contributed to the collective responsibility for governance of an NHS trust as a member of the trust board in the delivery of care within challenging financial constraints.

Jeremy van VlymenJeremy works within the Department of Health Care and Policy. Previously he worked in industry and finance developing and managing software systems for SMEs and global corporates

Prof Simon de LusignanI am a senior clinical academic with research interests in quality improvement.  My particular interests are how you integrate technology into clinical workflow, and measure quality and health outcome from routine health data.  My professional background is as a general practitioner, with my masters and doctorate in medical informatics; though I largely see technology as a tool for quality improvement (QI), greater efficiency and for improved management of health systems.  I am appointed as Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics and Chair in Health Care Management at University of Surrey.  I am also Head of the Department of Health Care Management and Policy, a department which is looking to grow and expand its student and research base. 

Clinical Informatics & Health Outcomes Research GroupDepartment of Health Care Management and PolicyUniversity of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7PX,


8 – 10 January 2014


£250 Commercial, £195 NHS /Academic

The University of Surrey shall not be providing any accommodation for the duration of the course. Should any course participants wish to stay in Guildford for the duration of the course, please contact us for a list of local hotels and B&B’s.

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