Daily Course Materials


SISS 2013 – 30th June  to 6th July 2013

The presentations from SISS 2013 can be downloaded from the table below.  These presentations give an overview of viagra tablet confidence the course with the cialis at real low prices Scenario-based learning team presentations giving a clear overview of what has been achieved by students over the week.

Course Presentations

Day 1


How to use routine health data for quality improvement and research


Day 2    
  How to use routine data for QI and research [PDF]
  Introduction to Scenario based learning – Workshop 1 [PDF]
  Descriptive Statistics [PDF]
  Health Economics [PDF]
  Introduction to R [PDF]
Using crowd sourcing for medical research  

Day 3

  Routine data: interpreting clinical information at a distance [PDF]
  Scenario based learning – Workshop 2 [PDF]
  Standardisation [PDF] [XLS]
  Big Data and Predictive Analysis [PDF]
Day 4
  Hypothesis testing [PDF]
  Clinical systems: the complexities of judging ‘success’ – and a demonstration  [PDF] 
  Evolving definitions of diabetes [PDF]
  Understanding Hospital Data [PDF]
  Applying green principles to visit our site generic viagra cheap knowledge  
 Day 5    
  Representation of the electronic patient record [PDF]
  Clinical terminologies and classifications [PDF]
  Integrating predictive analysis into clinical workflow to improve patient care and population health [PDF]
  Using routine general practice data to monitor respiratory illness and the effectiveness of vaccination  [PDF]
Day 6    
  Introduction to regression  [PDF] [Scripts]
  Further regression  [PDF]
Day 7    
  Scenario based learning – Team 1 Presentation  [PDF]
  Scenario based learning – Team 2 Presentation  [PDF]
  Scenario based learning – Team 3 Presentation  [PDF]
  Writing MIQUEST Queries with HQL   [PDF] 
  Big data in Health Care  [PDF]
  Course end talk [PDF]

Web Links

QuickR – http://www.statmethods.net/