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Toyota Production System (TPS)

Lean principles have their routes in the Toyota production system (TPS) – this focussed on reducing waste to improve customer value.   TPS become known as lean in 1990s. The key areas they looked to reduce waste were by avoiding defects and over processing.

Current ideas about lean:

Most current ideas about lean management of organisations focusses on two areas:

·         Maximising customer value – in health care the http://www.electricalmanuals.net/low-price-viagra combination of

o   Treating according to best-evidence,

o   Achieving the best possible patient outcomes,

o   Quality of the patient experience

·         Minimises waste

o   Optimise processes by cutting out waste at every stage

o   Organise tasks so they require :

§  Less human effort/input

§  Can happen faster

§  Tie up less capital

§  Require less space

Lean transformation:

“Lean transformation”   is the process of moving from the “old” way of thinking to “lean” thinking.  The lean process involves focussing on value streams.  i.e. The way that information and “materials” flow.  In our case the “material” we deliver is health care.  This is delivered through face-to-face or telephone consultations; it is also provided by writing letters, certificates, filling in forms, referring for further care and prescribing.  Formal feedback from our patient group and our own day-to-day feedback provides insight into what are our patient values.   We can start to use this insight to look at our process and consider how we can best provide value to our patients.   This involves reorganisation along customer/patient value orientated lines.

Lean Six Sigma:

Lean has been combined with six sigma.  Six Sigma has its origins in the Motorola in the 1980s.  The focus of ondmoon.com six sigma is the elimination of errors or defects in processes.  It includes specific quality management methods.

Further information:



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