PRINCE 2 Project Management


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Projects: Temporary endeavours that achieve a defined goal.

Project management: The discipline of planning, resourcing, and organising resources to achieve a specific goal. [1]

PRINCE 2:                                                    Projects in a Controlled Environment

UK government developed and default project management technique – focussing on the process of project management

PRINCE 2:                                                    Principles

  1. Justification,
  2. Learn from experience,  
  3. Defined roles and responsibilities,  
  4. Manage by stages (report highlights – where runs well) 
  5. Manage by exception (report when off schedule, problems & risk 
  6. Focus on wow look it where to buy cheap abilify online products/outputs  
  7. Tailored to suit the project environment 


  1. Business case 
    1. Strategic outline case (SOC)
    2. Outline business case (OBC)
    3. Full business case (FBC)
  2. Organisation
  3. Quality
  4. Plans
  5. Risk including managing risk/risk register
  6. Change management 
  7. Progress of project

PRINCE 2 stages: The seven stages of PRINCE 2 are set out in the diagram below (in blue)


[1] Rodney Turner.  Handbook of project management, 4th Edition.  Aldershot; Gower, 2007

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