Simon de Lusignan's new chair at the University of Surrey


October 2010: Simon de Lusignan appointed to a new chair at the University of Surrey.

Simon de Lusignan is appointed as the new Chair in Health Care Management & Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics.  Simon joins the University of Surrey from St. George’s, where he is a Reader in General Practice and Informatics and Head of General Practice and Primary Care.  He is looking to move to Surrey University early 2011, along with key members of his research team.

He is looking forward to working with the Health Care Management group; as his research has considerable synergy with his new colleagues.  Simon also comes with a wider group of existing and potential further collaborators across the University.  He has strong links with the NHS and is keen to further strengthen links between the health service and the University.

Simon’s research focuses on how to use technology to improve the quality of health care.  The two core areas are: the use of technology at the point of care and how to use routine data to improve and measure quality.  He has led the development of video tools to evaluate the impact of IT on the consultation; and brings with him what we understand is the world’s largest series of video-consultations.  He is currently the principal investigator on a large cluster randomised quality improvement trial and looking to further develop the groups’ expertise in managing quality.  Examples of his work include: Enabling the development of quality improvement indicators for chronic kidney disease; he is working with NHS Diabetes to improve the classification of diabetes; and a member of the European Union funded TRANSFoRm project – looking at breaking down the barriers to international research collaboration.  In addition Simon is Chair of the Primary Care Informatics working group and UK representative to the European Federation for Medical Informatics and Editor of the Journal Informatics in Primary care.

Simon has been a partner in his practice for over twenty years and has been active in the local health community.  His practice has always been innovative and active in the local health community.  They were first wave Fundholders (a scheme where practice took partial financial responsibility for patient care), Simon has been PEC (Professional Executive Committee) chair – chair of the senior medical committee in the local health community; his practice was one of six to form the countries first pilot ICO (Integrated Care Organisation).  He is vice-chair of the Guildford Practice-Based Commissioning group and is looking forward to the enhanced role for primary care in the latest health reforms.  Simon’s contributions to the community include helping with Onslow FC and the County Medical Officer for St. John Surrey.