Simon de Lusignan – Presented at 10 Congresso Brasileiro de Sade Coletiva



Simon de Lusignan – Presented at 10 Congresso Brasileiro de Sade Coletiva

Simon shared a platform with the Coordinator General from the Brazilian Ministry of Health – Dr Paulo Sellara – Our colleagues in Brazil are keen to learn from the English (NHS) National Programme for IT.

The invitation to give this presentation came from: Prof Alvaro Escrivao Junior – Alvaro is based at the Sao Paulo business school: Escola de Administraçao de Empresas de Sao Paulo – Fundaçao Getulio Vargas

FGV are  in an established collaboration with USP Medical School. See:

We are looking to develop a research collaboration in two areas:

1.       National IT systems to support health care

2.       Quality and safety, and cost effectiveness in population based health systems.

Potentially through: University or the Global Partnership

Simon’s presentation can be downloaded from the following link:   Brazil Presentation