Researcher of the Year award


Dr Normal Poh of the Clinical Informatics Research Group is Researcher of the Year – 29 January 2012

CIRG (Clinial Informatics Research Group) is delighted to announce that this year’s Researcher of the Year award goes to Dr Norman Poh, who is an affiliated member of CIRG, and a research fellow at the Centre for Vision, Speech, Signal Processing (CVSSP), Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, both at the University of Surrey.

The award was given in recognition of his “outstanding contributions to multimodal biometrics during the academic year 2009-2010, including the publication of 5 IEEE Transaction papers (20 papers in total), and three best paper awards received at major international conferences (five in total)”.

Dr Poh collaborates closely with CIRG in the management of chronic kidney disease. His role is to develop novel pattern analysis algorithms that are patient-centric, that is, making diagnosis and prognosis based on all information encapsulated in patient’s medical record. For more information, visit

Picture: Dr Poh with the vice-chancellor.


The HSJ award for managing LTC goes to the NWL ICP

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