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Recent download statistics from – 29 November 2011

As you know, we offer downloads of our publications internally on – but our publications are always accessible on the publisher’s website as well. We were recently notified of the interest or a specific paper by BioMed.

We thought you might be interested to know how many people have read your article:

Confidence and quality in managing CKD compared with other cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus: a linked study of questionnaire and routine primary care data Mohammad A Tahir, Olga Dmitrieva, Simon de Lusignan, Jeremy van Vlymen, Tom Chan, Ramez Golmohamad, Kevin Harris, Charles Tomson, Nicola Thomas and Hugh Gallagher, BMC Family Practice, 12:83   (05 Aug 2011)

Total accesses to this article since publication: 836

The above figure includes accesses to the full text, abstract and PDF of the article on the BMC Family Practice website. It does not include accesses from PubMed Central or other archive sites (for example, access to the publication directly through The total access statistics for our article are therefore likely to be significantly higher.

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