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And it’s for these and others that, to make room for once in your schedule (and in your heart!) for exercises, the tip is to find an activity that gives you pleasure. You know that class that flies by and you want to spend many more hours practicing without getting seasick?

To better understand what suits you best, it’s worth taking experimental distance classes, talking to friends about the sports they already play and researching the exercise profile that you like the most.

You may be the type who opts for a slower, more focused activity such as yoga and Pilates; or, still, who prefers a dance or even an agitated sport, like soccer. Activities in the water, such as swimming or water aerobics, are also among the preferences of many people.

You can also opt for technologies such as EMsculpt, which has electromagnetic fields that contract the muscle groups of the glutes and abdomen in an intense and localized way, with a focus on hypertrophy and muscle definition.

Here, the most important thing is to choose something that you like and that you are happy to continue. How about committing to exercise during the 12 months of this year? We are sure that your body will thank you and you will be able to observe a series of positive changes until next New Year’s Eve!

Are you up to the challenge?Treatments that can complement!With a well-structured diet and exercise routine, you can consider some complementary treatments to keep your health even more in line.

Have you ever thought, for example, about taking better care of your posture during your time in the home office? Nowadays, treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by the way we sit at the table or even move around is more accessible and can avoid even bigger problems.

For this, you can look for treatments aimed at postural education, such as RPG or clinical pilates. A specialist physiotherapist will be able to tell you which one has the potential to bring the most benefits to your health.

In addition, other dermofunctional treatments – such as lymphatic drainage, massages, treatments against sagging, localized fat, or cellulite – can also be a great complement to body care, as well as osteopathy, which aims to restore the function of bodily systems through manual intervention on joints, muscles, ligaments, tissues and so on.

The year has just begun and it’s time to take care of your health like never before! Remember, when 2022 rolls around, you’ll wish you started today. So, get to work to make 2021 the best year of your life for body, mind and spirit!


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