Indoor biking – lose calories and strengthen the cardiac and respiratory systems. This is the premise of indoor biking, a class that is already gaining ground in Brazil. For Cris Wotroba, CEO & Programmer at Steel Giants Fitness and Performance, spaces with this modality are innovating, bringing these classes revamped, with an emphasis on social and emotional benefits, which should hit in 2022.

For those who enjoy this type of physical activity, it is a great choice that promises to addict practitioners and bring quick results.

Outdoor Activities – With the advancement of global vaccination and an improvement in the pandemic scenario, the possibilities for group outdoor activities are greater. After almost 2 years with restrictions and social distances recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) to control the pandemic, being able to meet people again, socializing safely is a great choice.

In the 2021 ACSM report, outdoor activities ranked 4th. For Professor Felipe Kutianski, this practice should continue in high in 2022. Outdoor exercises can range from individual running to group bike rides, yoga practice, sports advice, as well as trail and climbing groups.

Mental performance – For nutritionist Karine Holanda, foods and nutrients for mental performance will be on the rise next year. For this, a balanced diet is essential. In other words, low levels of sugars and fried foods, combined with a specific supplementation with antioxidants, omega 3, mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs.

Also according to the nutritionist, the intelligent use of nutritional strategies favors focus, concentration and reduces stress.Taking care of your health is always requested. Let’s have a closer look at ourselves.

Cancer – Treatments for prostate cancer can affect male fertility. According to the specialist in male fertility, physician Filipe TenĂ³rio, prostate cancer by itself does not cause infertility, but its treatments can reduce male fertility. Although most patients who need to be treated for the disease are over 50 years old, it is not uncommon for patients in this age group to claim that they want to have children. The doctor advises that men who want to have children after prostate cancer treatments must preserve fertility by freezing semen before the procedures.

Opening hours – The Instituto de Olhos Fernando Ventura decided to expand its opening hours to 24 hours, with urgency and emergency, at the Derby unit.


  • Cardiac arrhythmias can be asymptomatic and cause problems such as cardiac arrest and sudden death
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • Entity warns about cardiac arrhythmias – Photo: Canva

Cardiac arrhythmias are electrical disorders that cause changes in the rhythm of the heartbeat. They can be of different types: tachycardia, when the heart beats faster than normal; bradycardias, when the rhythm is too slow, and out of step, when the heart beats irregularly. It is estimated that 20 million Brazilians suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, causing more than 320,000 people to die annually.

Symptoms may include tiredness, palpitations, feeling sick, chest pain, dizziness and fainting. However, in many cases cardiac arrhythmias can be silent and asymptomatic, which reinforces the importance of performing periodic medical evaluations and routine exams. Also, if someone notices that the heart is beating improperly, they need to see a cardiologist.

According to the Brazilian Society of Cardiac Arrhythmias (Sobrac), when not correctly diagnosed and treated, cardiac arrhythmia can cause cardiac arrest, heart disease and sudden death. Anyone can be diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, regardless of age, sex or socioeconomic status. Even newborns, healthy young people and athletes can be affected by this condition.


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