Convalescent serology for RCGP RSC Practices


Convalescent serology for RCGP RSC Practices

If you have been contacted by RCGP RSC to organise convalescent samples for specific patients, please carefully read the information below. Please pay particular attention to ‘Inclusion and Exclusion criteria’ and ‘Informed consent’.

Thank you for your support in organising Week 3-6, Week 12 and Week 20 convalescent serology sample collection.

If you receive a phone call or email on behalf of the RCGP RSC to organise blood samples for patients with a confirmed COVID-19 infection, and if your practice is able to participate, please confirm with the RCGP RSC contact and organise the following:

  1. Contact the patient, explain the surveillance, provide all pertinent information (Protocol detailed below) and discuss any questions the patient may have. Please also provide the patient information leaflet for the patient to read and allow enough time for him/her to ask follow up questions.

    - there will be no results provided to the patient or practice
    - this is purely voluntary
    - ensure informed verbal consent is obtained

  2. If the patient provides informed verbal consent, please arrange for a blood sample at week 3-6, week 12 and week 20. In order to be included in this surveillance a minimum of two time-points is required. (Further details provided in protocol below.)
  3. When the patient attends your practice, please provide the patient information leaflet (download here) and provide an opportunity to discuss any questions the patient may have. Following informed verbal consent, please take the blood sample and complete the lab request form (download here). You will then need to package appropriately, include the lab request form inside the cardboard box, and post to VEU Manchester.

Your practice should already be equipped with serology kits from the RCGP RSC. If you have run out of kits, please advise the RCGP RSC contact when you speak to them.

  1. Please code as indicated on the lab request form, and keep a list of these patients as we will contact you regarding these for payments.
Patient information leaflet
Lab request form

Protocol for collection of convalescent samples by RCGP RSC