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It is still possible to carry out outdoor activities, such as hiking or jogging, but Silverio calls attention to some precautions. “Covid-19 prevention protocols must be taken into account, such as using a mask and avoiding contact with collective equipment. Today, on the internet, we can access content produced by physical education professionals. It is very important to seek these guidelines from qualified professionals to safely administer these activities. The important thing is not to stand still”, teaches the Physical Education professional.

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SESI offers a complete structure and several Health and Safety at Work (OHS) solutions to build a healthy corporate environment with controlled risks. The institution studied the best practices being adopted by governments and companies around the world to preserve workers’ health.

SESI provides companies with services such as: Digital SST Consulting; Ergonomics consultancy; Psychosocial Service, Distance Education Courses on Regulatory Standards, Rapid Test for Covid-19 and an exclusive Digital Platform for micro and small businesses to design and implement their Environmental Risk Prevention (PPRA) programs and the Occupational Medical Control Program ( PCMSO).

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), only behind cardiovascular diseases. But did you know that it is often possible to prevent cancer? Of the approximately 625,000 new cases of cancer that should appear each year between 2020 and 2022, according to an estimate by the José Alencar Gomes da Silva National Cancer Institute (Inca), something between 80% and 90% is associated with external causes that could be avoided only with healthy habits.

It is true that a portion of cancer cases have internal causes, linked to genetics or the body’s ability to defend itself against external aggressions, such as toxic substances or radiation. It is also true that childhood cancer cannot be prevented. But most cancer cases in adults are associated with behavior and external factors that influence behavior.

One example is obesity, one of the main risk factors for 9 of the 11 most frequent types of cancer in the Brazilian population. In other words, this means that not being obese is already a great protection.

And obesity, which is also a condition with multifactorial causes, can be avoided and fought through healthy eating habits and physical activity maintained throughout life.Whether through individual willpower or outside influence, the fact is that the surest way to avoid cancer is healthy living.

Taking advantage of World Cancer Day, which is celebrated on February 4th and marks prevention campaigns for 21 years, we have prepared special tips for those who want to stay away from risk factors for most cancers.How to escape cancer risk factors

Risk, as explained by the Inca, is the increased chance you have of developing a disease when you are exposed to unsafe situations. Smoking, drinking alcohol too often, eating inappropriately on a daily basis, becoming sedentary and putting on weight above a healthy body weight are risk behaviors for many diseases, including many types of cancer.

Exposing yourself to the sun without protection is also a risky behavior for skin cancer and having sex without a condom is a risk factor for uterine cancer, as it exposes a woman to the HPV virus.


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