There are two ways to stay away from cancer risk factors:

Primary prevention — consists of actively avoiding exposure to them, through healthy and preventive behaviors, such as:

  • maintain a healthy diet;
  • exercise regularly (at least 150 minutes a week at light or moderate intensity or 75 minutes a week at vigorous intensity);
  • maintain proper body weight;
  • do not smoke;
  • avoid alcoholic beverages;
  • avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm;
  • using condoms during sexual intercourse;
  • take vaccines against HPV (for young people who have not yet started sexual activity) and hepatitis.

Secondary prevention — is performed through screening tests for early diagnosis of the disease, followed by treatment of its initial and pre-malignant stage. Secondary prevention also involves detecting a tumor at an early stage when it is still asymptomatic. This increases the chances of a cure.

For example, through regular gynecological examinations, warts on the cervix caused by the HPV virus are discovered, which, if treated in time, prevent them from giving rise to prevent is to live well

So, by living a healthy life and adopting preventive behaviors, you protect yourself from all these diseases at the same time, in addition to having a better quality of life compared to people who consistently repeat unhealthy habits.

In addition to these risk behaviors, there are other risk factors for cancer, which involve proximity or contact with toxic substances – such as rural workers unduly exposed to pesticides and residents of areas affected by pollution – or sources of radiation.5 tips to avoid cancer

Healthy living is as protective as it is pleasurable. With the five tips below, you can keep your physical and mental health up to date at all times and avoid the main risk factors for the most common types of cancer in the Brazilian population.

Learn to cook like old times

Eating daily homemade meals prepared with predominantly vegetable foods, varied and fresh, belonging to different food groups, is the best recipe for obtaining all the nutrients and antioxidants needed to keep your body at the proper weight and prevent diseases such as cancer, according to the Food Guide for the Brazilian meat for more vegetables

The excess of meat in the diet is a risk factor for bowel cancer and other diseases, such as heart disease, in addition to having a great influence on climate change and the loss of biodiversity, which is a habit for a large part of the world’s population. Bet on a colorful dish and a variety of vegetables, fruits, pulses (great sources of protein) and tubers to have a healthier and more sustainable diet, with less meat.

Practice physical activity without leaving the house

If lack of time or money are the usual excuses for not exercising and staying in the sedentary stats, remember that the new coronavirus pandemic has raised fitness at home to the level of athlete training: we have tutorials in video and live classes for everything from yoga to crossfit. You can work out even while the oven roasts your vegetables! Along with a balanced diet, staying physically active is also critical to controlling your body weight and preventing it from rising and becoming a risk factor for cancer and other diseases, as the American Cancer Society points out.

But remember that it is important that a healthcare professional is consulted before starting any physical activity. Thus, he will be able to guide and tell you if your body has any physical limits and what precautions are necessary for your safety.

Keep a schedule of preventive exams

A regular visit to the general practitioner and periodic preventive check-up are your passports to peace of mind. Tests such as a pap smear, a breast touch exam, a mammogram after the age of 40, a prostate touch exam and a blood count, among others, are key to the secondary prevention of various types of cancer. In order not to let too much time pass between one repetition of these exams and another, make an appointment with the doctor and set dates in the diary.


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