Health: this is the goal!Defining strategies for healthy eating and physical activity is the main step to maintain health and energy

For many people, the beginning of the year is marked by a period of setting new professional and personal goals. For those who are in the renewal period or for those who wish to continue their projects in search of better health, some tips are essential: correct information, organization and discipline.

A healthy routine can be achieved with a balanced diet, a good night’s sleep, the practice of pleasurable physical activities and even living with people who are good for you.SESI professionals have separated some tips that will help you give that boost in your search for a light and balanced routine in favor of your health.

Eat well

Consuming foods such as salt, sugar and fats in moderation is always the best option, explains Daniele Martins, nutritionist and analyst at SESI’s Health and Safety Management for Industry.

“Excessive sodium consumption can cause diseases such as kidney failure, strokes, stroke, stroke and hypertension. Regarding fats, excessive consumption increases the risk of heart disease, clogging of the heart’s veins and sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes. The key word is moderation, which often involves changing habits”, highlights the SESI nutritionist.

Try simple exchangesUse a spoonful of sugar in your coffee instead of two or three;Choose baked or cooked foods instead of fried foods, so you reduce the amount of fat;Use natural herbs and spices, they add flavor and help reduce the amount of salt.

Start 2021 by taking care of your health

And how to take care of food in the midst of the hectic work routine? Daniele gives some tips that can be easily adopted at home, even by those who work in a home office model. “Always have healthy foods at home, such as fruits, vegetables and other natural foods. Maintain a food routine and avoid frequent visits to the refrigerator and, don’t forget, hydration is essential”, he says.

In 2020, many people rediscovered the taste and practicality of taking a lunch box to work, after all, who doesn’t like homemade food? But here comes the question: what are the best options for cooking and how to vary your food?

Daniele suggests putting together a menu with versions of cooked, grilled or roasted foods, seasoned with herbs and spices and seasonal foods. Furthermore, she emphasizes that fruits are the best desserts. Another golden tip that Daniele teaches: “Separate hot food from cold food, so it stays fresh and tasty”.

If you can’t stay home or prepare your meal to take to work, don’t worry. “Observe the establishment’s COVID prevention protocols and make conscientious choices such as the consumption of vegetables, preference for whole foods, which are rich in fiber, and choose lean and grilled, roasted or cooked meats, which contain less of fat”.

But if your concern is at snack time, rest assured. Choose tasty and healthy options. “Fresh fruits, oilseeds, yogurts, curds, cheeses and sugar-free cereal bars can help you hold your hunger until your next meal”, illustrates the SESI nutritionist.

Body in movement

Physical activity is the ideal complement for those seeking health and, at this point, consistency is also essential. SESI’s Leisure and Sports analyst, Alex Silvério, explains that, in order to incorporate sports activity into the daily routine, practicing something that provides pleasure is the secret.

“People must choose an activity they like and enjoy doing. You have to feel good and look for goals or objectives that she can reach within short and long terms”, teaches the Physical Education professional.

Are you going to start a walk or a run? Determine distances that you can reach and feel good with that result and gradually increase. “Run 3 km or 5 km. Did you reach the goal? Try to do this route in a little less time.

Did you manage to do it in a shorter time? Increase the distance to 7 or 10km. The goal is to comply and feel good. Many people give up, because they are frustrated in carrying out some activity that they cannot achieve the results they intend to”, says Silvério.


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