Adolescence is a phase full of changes and discoveries, whether physical, psychological or social. During this period, many things start to have a different face. More autonomy and a greater understanding of everyday situations become part of young people’s lives. It is still at this point in life that good mental health makes all the difference, especially for the future, in adult life.

In this month in which the theme is highlighted by the Yellow September campaign, for the prevention of suicide, it is necessary to be even more attentive to the emotions of teenagers. A national survey by the Datafolha Institute, in partnership with the Lemann Foundation, Ita├║ Social and Imaginable Futures, revealed that 74% of teenagers feel sadder, more anxious or annoyed in the period of social isolation, due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

The good news is that it is possible to get around this situation and take care of the mental health of young people in a light way, promoting well-being, a calmer routine and new perspectives for the future.

practice physical activities

One thing is certain: body and mind go together. Thus, physical health directly influences mental health. Be it walking, stretching or a sport you prefer, exercise is proven to release the hormone of happiness: endorphins. Besides being a habit that promotes several benefits for the body. And, there’s no way to make excuses, 15 minutes a day makes all the difference.

Do an activity you like

Painting, embroidering, writing, playing the board, playing an instrument. Doing an activity that gives pleasure and encourages the teenager to express their individuality only brings positive balances in the routine. In this way, the young person directs his energy towards something that is good for him and also helps to calm his mind.

Sleep well!

A good night’s sleep is essential for a good performance and productivity the next day. It is during sleep that the body performs the main restorative functions of the body. During this time, it is possible to replenish energy and regulate metabolism, which are essential factors to maintain a healthy body and mind. Remembering that teenagers need to sleep about 8 to 10 hours a day.

Contact with nature + sun

Being in contact with nature can reduce stress and promote mental health and also help with concentration. A sunny day is even better, as the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D. It is essential for the functioning of various activities in the body, as well as stimulating the production of melanin (sleep hormone), preventing illnesses and increasing the feeling of well-being.


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