We are used to remembering the themes of campaigns aimed at raising awareness of several months with very important campaigns, such as Yellow September, Pink October, Blue November, among others. These campaigns generate fruitful discussions and fight stigma and inspire society on issues necessary for health in general.

But did you know that in January we also dealt with a very important awareness issue?

January White is a special month to address issues about the Mental and Emotional Health of people and human institutions. The campaign has been running since 2014. The month of January was chosen because it is usually at this time of year when people are more subject to reflections on their lives and social relationships. White is used to make references to a blank page, symbolizing a fresh start.

Taking advantage of this date, CAMP SBC decided to bring you 5 tips to improve your habits, always pay attention to your mental health, know when to seek help and stay healthy.

Physical exercise is very suitable for anyone who wants to have a healthier life, in all aspects. Mainly in the mental health care line, it is indicated for people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, among other clinical conditions. But be aware that you don’t have to wait for these problems to arise before you start exercising. Healthy body, healthy mind!

Food is another important pillar within the habits of good mental health, as many foods can interfere with daily life, generating positive or negative impacts. Fatty foods, for example, act with a procrastination effect, offer a momentary pleasure that is soon replaced by the need for more, promoting a vicious and unhealthy cycle. Foods with nutritional value, on the other hand, can provide more disposition and well-being for routine activities.

Self-knowledge is a very important factor for us to deal with our internal and external conflicts. For this, an evaluation by a professional can help in this process and also indicate whether there is a need for any specific treatment, if there are frequent symptoms and discomfort related to mental health.

Therapy is a great way to understand your emotions and behaviors, it offers a path to a lighter, more balanced life.

Sleep is what replenishes our energy so that the day is productive. It strengthens the immune system and regulates our sense of well-being which is what we call mood. Therefore, it is very important to stipulate an adequate time and regularize the nights of sleep to keep a healthy mind.

Instigating creativity and activities that improve self-esteem also contribute to a calm mind. A hobby or an activity that inspires our brain to release endorphins that cause that feeling of pleasure or happiness.Now tell us what you think of our tips. Are you interested in the subject? Are you ready to change your habits?


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