President of the Senate joins the PSD and is announced as the party’s candidate for Planalto. At the ceremony, at the memorial in honor of Juscelino Kubitschek, in Brasília, a parliamentarian defends the country’s conciliation and development, as the former president did

With a conciliatory profile and defending national unity, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), presents himself as an alternative to lead the third way in the 2022 elections. Yesterday, the congressman signed the PSD affiliation form, and the party president Gilberto Kassab has already announced that the senator will be the party’s candidate for Planalto.

The ceremony took place at the JK Memorial, in Brasília. The choice of location is symbolic. Juscelino Kubitschek was a member of the PSD when he governed Brazil, between 1950 and 1955, and was constantly remembered at the event. After signing the membership form, Pacheco received from Juscelino’s granddaughter Anna Christina Kubitschek a brooch of his new legend.

Despite avoiding already presenting himself as a pre-candidate for the Planalto, Pacheco spoke in an electoral campaign atmosphere and preaching conciliation and development of the country, ideals of JK. He mentioned the famine, which has returned to ravage the country; unemployment and high inflation as challenges to be overcome, without naming names or pointing out the culprits.

“We cannot tolerate that a country based on agriculture and livestock has its citizens going hungry and looking for food in the garbage. Therefore, it is past time for us to return to dialogue, to regain balance and peace”, he defended.

According to Pacheco, only through the union of public agents will it be possible to guarantee better living conditions for Brazilians, with better health and education. “We are currently living in a time of enormous concern for the future of our people.

We have huge challenges ahead that need to be resolved: the challenge of the pandemic; the social; of employment; from the environmental area, from which we cannot depart; health and quality education, especially in the first moments of life. The economy and hunger — an unacceptable scourge that has punished so many Brazilians in a country as food-producing as ours”, he added.

The senator also said that he hopes to help the country regain its self-esteem. He highlighted that Brazilians “are no longer believing in the future”. “This is not the Brazil we want. The country needs to set an example in respecting contracts, laws and the values of the Federal Constitution”, he pointed out. “For my part, I want to contribute so that Brazil regains its self-esteem and its peace, that we return to smile, hope and happiness, to be the country we want and deserve.”


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