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The construction of the future Hospital da Mulher de São Bernardo, in the Nova Petrópolis neighborhood, is at an accelerated pace of construction. In an inspection carried out on the Health equipment this Monday afternoon (8/11), Mayor Orlando Morando found that all electrical, hydraulic and gas pipeline parts are already completed.

The unit, which is being built in the former building of the Municipal Institute for Health Care for Functionalism (Imasf), is scheduled to be delivered in 2022 and will concentrate all the care offered by the municipal health network to women and pregnant women in one place.

The new Women’s Hospital will incorporate the service currently provided at the Municipal University Hospital (HMU) and at the Center for Comprehensive Care for Women’s Health (Caism), at Rudge Ramos, offering from gynecological and obstetric emergency care, inpatient and ICU beds , operating room, clinics, pregnant women’s home, internal regulation nucleus and structure for carrying out laboratory tests, such as tomography, mammography, echocardiogram, ultrasonography, among others.

“With the Women’s Hospital, we are going to expand our current service capacity by 41 new beds. Today, the HMU offers 128 beds and with the delivery of this new equipment, we will have 169 beds, of which 10 will be allocated to the adult ICU and 25 to the neonatal ICU. Not to mention that the unit will have a more modern and sustainable structure, offering what is best for our women”, observes the Chief Executive.

The initial project for the Hospital da Mulher was budgeted at R$64 million, however, the company that won the tender – Progredior/2N Consortium – offered R$44 million, generating savings of R$20 million for the municipal coffers. The amount will be made possible through financing from the Inter-American Investment Bank (BID).

“It’s another dream that is being fulfilled. We followed the inauguration of the HMU back there and, soon, we will be delivering another hospital in São Bernardo, this time to expand the health care of women and pregnant women and offer more quality and dignity to the population”, emphasizes the Health Secretary of Saint Bernard, Geraldo Reple Sobrinho.


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