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Growth in the sale of digital products and services offers opportunities for those who want to migrate or start a new career

Record sales, movement of R$ 53.4 billion and growth of 31%. These are some of the results of Brazilian e-commerce in the first half of 2021. The data are from the Webshoppers report, prepared by Ebit | Nielsen. Behind these achievements, there are thousands of workers who represent the future of the professions.

According to José Paulo Pereira Silva, CEO of the Ideal Trends group, one of the largest technological conglomerates in Latin America, digital entrepreneurship will gain even more strength. For him, usability, copywriting, traffic and SEO are essential terms in the vocabulary of those who want a promising career in this market.

Based on applied studies and practical experience acquired over the last 30 years, José Paulo, author of the book Lessons for you to build exponential businesses, presents the 10 professions that will continue as trends in digital marketing in 2022 and in the coming years. Check out!designer

Any digital marketing job requires extremely capable designers. Online platforms are extremely visual and need to be functional. The truth is that a good product and a good sales system can be compromised if you don’t have an aesthetically beautiful and easy-to-use website.

Usability Specialist

It is responsible for studying the metrics, analyzing the heatmap (heat map) of the pages and the behavior of users. Using this data, he can propose improvements through strategies that optimize traffic and user experience when browsing pages of services and products.traffic manager

Extremely valuable professional for the maintenance and growth of a digital business, he sets the guidelines for successful internet sales. Among its functions are developing attraction strategies for capture pages on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, websites, etc., analyzing online traffic and thinking of actions to optimize investments.copywriter

The copywriter is the professional who thinks strategically about the texts that will be used to promote a product or business. This professional creates texts that arouse the “pain” of the client and convince him that his product or service is the best solution.

Co-producer of releases

It is responsible for the launch strategies of a digital product. The co-producer must “tie up” all the ends and activate the other areas involved in the launch so that the strategies are executed in the best possible way, according to the proposal of the product or service.

SEO Specialist

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, this professional helps companies and brands to gain a favorable position on search platforms like Google. This work is carried out through content optimization, such as blog posts, and also through structural information on the sites.social media manager

As people spend more and more time online, content interactions and the need for new actions will increase. The social media manager is responsible for promoting the brand (branding) and, at the same time, generating sales through digital channels.


The video maker profession will become progressively indispensable in any business. That’s because video has the ability to enchant and tell stories in a more personal way. In addition, it has a didactic that, an essential feature to convey the message your company desires.


This professional has an extraordinary potential to create the most varied applications (software, applications, digital tools) that companies need to interact and converse with the public online. There are a multitude of applications that need the work of a developer for the business to stand out in the digital world.


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