IAPT Study, MIQUEST manuals and query library


MIQUEST User Manuals and queries for data extraction : IAPT study
[ PCI-MH-08 query set ]


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User manuals for data extraction using MIQUEST interpreter

User manual for all four systems (pdf – 2.55MB)
User manual for EMIS-PCS (pdf – 1.01 MB)
User manual for EMIS-LV(pdf – 1.01MB)
User manual for INPS Vision (pdf – 359kb)
User manual for iSOFT Synergy/Premiere (pdf – 335KB)

MIQUEST queries of PCI-MH-08 set [last updated 30/03/2009]

MIQUEST queries for EMIS PCS, iSoft Synergy/Premiere and INPS Vision (zip – 2.75KB)
MIQUEST queries for EMIS LV (zip – 2.75KB)