advance_logo-6620921Accelerated Development of Vaccine benefit-risk  Collaboration in Europe


ADVANCE Consortium

Goal of project is to develop a blueprint for a framework capable of rapidly delivering reliable data on the can you buy vardenafil online benefits and diagnosis risks of vaccines. The framework would help health professionals, regulatory agencies, public health institutions and the general public make informed decisions on immunisation. €10.8 million project represents unique collaboration between key players in sector, including European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Medicines Agency (EMA), national public health and regulatory bodies, vaccine manufacturers, SMEs, and academic institutions.

ADVANCE – Work Package 3 – Data sources for rapid and integrated benefit-risk monitoring

Lead: University of Surrey             Co-Lead: Sanofi Pasteur

The purpose of WP3 is to identify the data sources across Europe that can be harnessed to conduct comprehensive and rapid vaccine benefit-risk monitoring, and enable innovative research to be conducted. The WP intends to leave a legacy in terms of:

 1. Catalogue and description of data sources available and buy cialis profes of organisations willing to share data for open framework investigations. These data sources and their current suitability for vaccine-related research (as defined within the consortium) will be detailed in a catalogue.

2.  An ethics and privacy guide for investigators who might want to use the data.

3. Technical guide for investigators looking to conduct vaccine effectiveness and safety studies to help steer them through the data collection, linkage and integration requirements of a vaccine investigation and transformation to the common data model. 


12 November 2013 @  RCGP, London


  • WP3 KOM Introduction [pdf]
  • WP3 Partner Presentations [pdf]
  • WP3 Task 3.1 – Requirement analysis and use cases[pdf]
  • WP3 Task 3.2 – Identifying candidate data sources for vaccine benefit risk studies [pdf]
  • WP3 Task 3.3 – Defining and describing the privacy and ethics issues  [pdf]
  • Breakout session – Use Cases- Outcome report [pdf]

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