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Ethnicity Recording In General Practice Computer Systems – Study based on the Individual Patient Registration Profile (IPRP) Project (* Please see bottom for reference)

1. Coding hierarchies found in GP computer systems
Read code hierarchy Short name Notes
134.. Country of origin These codes do not appear to be widely used
226.. O/E ethnic group. These codes are ethnic group noted on examination. Again little used, where used the non-specific code was used.
226.. O/E ethnic group. These codes are ethnic group noted on examination. Again little used, where used the non-specific code was used.
9i.. 2001 Census Ethnic Category These codes are the buy 25mg viagra NHS preferred group. They can be grouped into the sale cialis 16 + 1 categories, see below.
9S.. Ethnic group An older ethnic grouping code. No longerrecommended, but the most used in this programme.
9T.. Ethnic related National data A New Zealand ethnic category system. Not recommended, but also used.
EMIS Local codes Local codes created in a practice for convenience.
2. UK National ethnic categories used
Number of categories Short name Notes
5 + 1 National Statistics five categories These are the five ethnic categories used by National statistics. They are: White, Mixed, Asian or Brit’Asian, Black or Black Brit’, Other ethnic group. The “+1” refers to where ethnic origin is refused or not stated.
16 + 1 National Statistics sixteen categories These are the 16 categories used in the 2001 census.They match the 9i.. classification sub-headings and are the preferred coding categories of the NHS. The “+1” is the same as above (i.e. not recorded).
3. Mapping of buy softtabs viagra the 9S and 9i ethnic codes to the ’16+1′ format and the five category classifications
Five category 16 category framework 9i… Ethnic category hierarchy 9S.. Ethnic group hierarchy
1. White 1. British or Mixed British 9i0 British or mixed British 9S1 White, 9S10 White British, 9S14 Other white British ethnic grp
2. Irish 9i1 Irish 9S11 White Irish, 9SA9 Irish NMO, 9SI Irish traveller
3. Other White 9i2 Other White 9S12 Other white ethnic group
9i20 English  
9i21 Scottish 9S13 White Scottish
9i22 Welsh, 9i26 Cypriot part unsp, 9i27 Greek, 9i28 Greek Cypriot, 9i29 Turkish, 9i2A Turkish Cypriot, 9i2B Italian, 9i2C Irish Traveller, 9i2D Traveller, 9i2E Gypsy/Romany, 9i2F Polish, 9i2H Commonwealth of (Russian), 9i2J Kosovan, 9i2K Albanian Serbian, 9i2P Oth repub Yugoslav, 9i2R Oth White/unsp/Mix Eur, 9i2S Oth mixed White, 9i2T Other White or White unspecified.  
2. Mixed 4. White + Black Caribbean 9i3 White & Black Caribbean 9SB5 Black Caribbean and White
5. White + Black African 9i4 White and Black African 9SB6 Black African and White
6. White + Asian 9i5 White & Asian 9SB2 Other ethnic, Asian/White orig
7. Other mixed 9i6 Other Mixed 9SB Other ethnic, mixed origin , 9SB3 Other ethnic, mixed white orig, 9SB4 Other ethnic, other mixed orig, 9S52 Other Black – Black/Asian orig.
9i60 Black & Asian, 9i61 Black & Chinese  
9i62 Black and White 9SB1 Other ethnic, Black/White orig, 9S51 Other Black – Black/White orig
9i63 Chinese & White, 9i64 Asian & Chinese  
3. Asian or Asian British 8. Indian or British Indian 9i7 Indian/British Indians 9S6 Indian
9. Pakistani or British Pakistani 9i8 Pakistani/Brit Pakists 9S7 Pakistani
10. Bangladeshi or British Bangladeshi 9i9 Bangladeshi/Brit Bangl 9S8 Bangladeshi
11. Other Asian 9iA Other Asian 9SH Other Asian ethnic group, 9SA8 Other Asian NMO, 9SA7 Indian sub-continent NMO
9iA3 East African Asian 9SA6 E Afric Asian/Indo-Carib NMO
9iA4 Sri Lankan, 9iA5 Tamil, 9iA6 Sinhalese, 9iA7 Carib Asian, 9iA8 Briti Asian, 9iA9 Mixed Asian  
4. Other Black 12. Caribbean 9iB Caribbean 9S2 Black Caribbean
13. African 9iC African 9S3 Black African, 9S44 Black – other African country, 9SA5 Other African countries NMO
14 Other Black 9iD Other Black 9S4 Black, other, non-mixed origin,
9S42 Black Caribbean/W.I./Guyana,
9S43 Black N African/Arab/Iranian,
9S45 Black E Afric Asia/Indo-Caribb,
9SG Other black ethnic group, 9S47 Black – other Asian, 9S48 Black Black – other, 9S5 Black – other, mixed, 9SA3 Caribbean I./W.I./Guyana NMO
9iD0 Somali, 9iD1 Nigerian  
9iD2 Black British 9S41 Black British
5. Other ethnic groups 15. Chinese 9iE Chinese 9S9 Chinese
16. Other 9iF Other 9SJ Other ethnic group, 9SA Other ethnic non-mixed NMO, 9SA2 Brit. ethnic minor. unsp NMO, 9SAA Greek/Greek Cypriot NMO, 9SAB Turkish/Turkish Cypriot NMO
9SAC Other European NMO, 9SAD Other ethnic NEC NMO
9iF0 Vietnamese 9SC Vietnamese
9iF1 Japanese, 9iF2 Filipino, 9iF3 Malaysian, 9iF9 Arab  
9iFA North African 9SA4 N African Arab/Iranian NMO
9iFB ME ex Isr/Iran/Arab, 9iFD Iranian, 9iFE Kurdish, 9iFG Latin American, 9iFH South/Central American, 9iFJ Multi-ethnic islands: Mauritian or Seychellois or Maldivian or St Helena, 9iFK Any other – ethn categ  
6. Not stated 17. (16+1) Not stated 9iG Ethn cat not stated 9S Ethnic groups census, 9SD Ethnic group – patient refused, 9SE Ethnic group not recorded, 9SZ Ethnic groups census NOS


Kumarapeli P, Stepaniuk R, de Lusignan S, Williams R, Rowlands G. Ethnicity recording in general practice computer systems. J Public Health (Oxf). 2006 Sep;28(3):283-7
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