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It is also worth mentioning the motivation that may result from the autonomy that the budget gives to the administrations of health units and services to directly replace retired or temporarily absent professionals, without consulting the Ministry of Finance.

This measure, included in article 37 of the budget law proposal, will certainly streamline the admission of professionals when necessary (if the market responds as desired), but it can create a trap without limits to public expenditure, deliberately and with various expedients. , so far, by Finance. Let’s wait for the results.

The third axis is essentially linked to investments in the requalification of structures, new equipment or new constructions. The government once again referred to the priorities that were always but always postponed: the new hospitals in Sintra, Seixal, Lisbon Oriental and Évora;

the modernization of the installed park of health centers; increasing capacity in continuing and palliative care; the fulfillment of old promises (expansion of the IPO in Lisbon, the famous maternity hospital in Coimbra or the much needed and fair radiotherapy in Viseu).

A highlight for the bet on digital health, with planned investments of 300 million euros, in 2022 alone, through the PRR. All these investments are necessary and should be largely implemented. They represent an increase of 75.2% compared to the same expenditure item included in the 2021 budget.

We are, therefore, facing a continuity budget, with few new features and some clear risks of slippage. The component with the greatest impact on expenditure is, without a doubt, the one related to human resources and the new and unknown regime of full dedication. The estimation of its financial impact will depend on the Statute of the NHS and on the regulation that will follow it.

But never before 2023, I suppose. We await the changes that come to be considered during discussion in the specialty, if in the first general vote the government’s proposal passes.SARS CoV CSR SYNTHETIC INDEX – 2 (week of October 11th to 17th – forecast calculated on Saturday, October 16th)

For the second week in a row, the risk index rises, albeit moderately. The increase in the number of deaths, new cases and test positivity contributed to this. The indicators referring to hospitalized patients continue, however, to decline.

Which is?

This content guides you on how to participate in the Public Consultation on the Municipal Health Plan (PMS) 2022-2025 in the Municipality of Joinville (SC).

This Public Consultation is an opportunity to present contributions regarding the studies carried out for the preparation of the PMS, the main planning instrument of the Unified Health System (SUS).

This document defines and implements all initiatives in the field of health, in each sphere of management, for a period of four years. The PMS explains the government’s commitments to the health sector and reflects, based on the situational analysis, the population’s health needs and the peculiarities of each sphere. It is the basis for the execution, monitoring and evaluation of the management of the health system and includes all areas of health care, in order to guarantee the integrality of this care.

In person not possiblePhones Not possiblepostcards not possibleHow to make?Follow the steps below to learn about the preliminary version of the Municipal Health Plan 2022-2025 and send suggestions:

Access a draft of the Municipal Plan, available in this publication.Know the information.
Access electronic form.Register suggestions for changes, additions and/or deletions.
Submit the registered information.The suggestions will be evaluated by the Municipality and may be considered in the elaboration of the Municipal Plan in question.


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