Computer mediated consultation observation resources


Activity Log File Aggregation (ALFA) toolkit for computer mediated consultation observation


Biomedical Informatics, Division of Community Health Sciences, St George’s Universty of London

  ALFA is a computer mediated consultation observtion technique developed to provide an analysable overview of the propecia no prescription Clinician-Computer-Patient interactions. Software tools that build up the elements of januvia online the ALFA technique are available under the termsof GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.
ALFA technical process (pdf – 603KB)
Comparison of ALFA elements with existing research tools (pdf – 700KB)
Sample multi-channel video clip (WMV – 3.2MB)
Activity log file aggregation demonstration (WMV – 11.3MB)
User Action Recorder (UAR) (Exe – 32KB)
Voice Activity Recorder (VAR) (-)
Log File Aggregation (LFA) tool (Zip – 2.33MB)

Source codes
Copyright (C) 2008 Biomedical Informatics (BMI), St George’s University of London. GNU General Public License.

User Action Recorder (UAR) (Pdf – 93KB)
Voice Activity Recorder(VAR) (Pdf – 98KB)
Log File Aggregation (LFA) tool (Zip – 300KB, Pdf – 996KB)
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Key Publications

  de Lusignan S, Kumarapeli P, Chan T, Pflug B, van Vlymen J, Jones B, Freeman GK. The ALFA (Activity Log Files Aggregation) toolkit: a method for precise observation of the consultation. J Med Internet Res. 2008 Sep 8;10(4):e27.

Refsum C, Kumarapeli P, Gunaratne A, Dodds R, Hasan A, de Lusignan S. Measuring the impact of different brands of computer systems on the clinical consultation: a pilot study. Inform Prim Care. 2008;16(2):119-27.


Kumarapeli P, de Lusignan S, Koczan P, Jones B, Sheeler I. The feasibility of using UML to compare the impact of different brands of computer system on the clinical consultation. Inform Prim Care. 2007;15(4):245-53.

  The ALFA Master-classe: An ALFA toolkit demonstration. Presented by: Pushpa Kumarapeli, Soha Badshah, Malcolm McCoubrie, Simon de Lusignan. Presented to: Iain Ledingham, Mike Sharpe from Dundee Univesity.(pdf – 3,105KB)
  Launch of the ALFA Tool-kit – An Open Source resource for observing the effect of IT on the clinical consultation: Health Records Workshop at the usefull link 100mg levitra European Federation for Medical Informatics – Special Topic Conference (EFMI STC) 2008 Presented by: Simon de Lusignan, Pushpa Kumarapeli. (pdf – 2,500KB)